Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm just sitting in bed, chillaxin with my kitty, Angel, watching WHY DID I GET MARRIED? on TBS. :) I have decided to do a "favorite things" blog, why not, right?! ;)

So here goes, a few of Hollie's favorite things...

♥ Snowflakes coming through the window while I take a warm shower.

♥ Glitter.

♥ Sponge triangles to apply make-up.

♥ Scrapbooks and memory boxes.

♥ Hearing a child pray.

♥ Naps.

♥ Journaling, blogging, and writing in general.

♥ Baby clothes.

♥ Sweet tea, beans & cornbread, red beans & rice.

♥ Boomin' music is my car.

♥ Facial masks.

♥ Watching giraffes eat.

♥ Bags, not purses, bags!

♥ Church and Sunday School.

♥ Music in all forms, except screamo.

♥ The smell of coffee shops.

♥ Writing cards to people.

♥ White Christmas lights, all year. :)

♥ Swimming in lakes, feeling fishies bite my feet.

♥ Clean floors.

♥ Fresh bedding.

♥ 80's memorabilia, especially Popples.

♥ Spending time in Amish Country.

♥ Getting as many needs met as we can at Goodwill.

♥ Being surrounded by pets all the time.

♥ Headbands.

♥ Teddy Grahams with moo juice.

♥ Men who are honorable.

♥ Candles. I love sitting in my candle lit room.

♥ Christopher Walkin.

♥ Dancing and singing, loudly!

♥ Antiques.

♥ The smell of fresh laundry.

♥ Oceans that are so emerald you can see the bottom.

♥ Crisp, white socks, panties, and bras.

♥ Canada.

♥ A good ink pen.

♥ Getting rained on.

♥ New Bibles with thin, crispy paper...and a shiny border.

♥ Laminating machines.

♥ Watching old home movies.

♥ Fountain drinks.

♥ Having dozens of nail polish bottles to choose from.

♥ Beehives.

♥ Homemade gifts, giving and receiving.

♥ Women who respect the "woman code."

♥ Planning parties.

♥ Watching leaves fall, them crunching them under my feet.

♥ Belly laughter.

♥ Maps and globes.

♥ Jammin out at concerts.

♥ People who are NOT superficial, and can see into your soul.

♥ The feeling you get the first time you hold "his" hand. ;)

♥ Spelling colour with a U.

♥ Lanyards.

♥ Cheesy tourist shops.

♥ The bestest Canon Camera ever, this one! I want it soo bad!!!

♥ Animals tilting their head out of curiosity.

♥ Homemade quilts.

♥ Double rainbows.

♥ The atmosphere of a campus in the fall.

♥ Dandelions and wildflowers.

♥ Being moved by song lyrics.

Okay, I will shut up now, I am tired of writing. :) So, I have a question for you...


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  1. Baby feet, puppy kisses, the smell after rain, hair bows, sarcasm;) the feel of alpaca fleece, laughter, my favorite sweater on a cold day, fresh cut grass, I am sure I could think of tons more